Tax Return Mining

Every day companies apply for commercial loans requiring review of a mountain of paperwork. Included in the review are the submitted corporate income tax returns that illustrate the financial health of the company. 

While the forms themselves can be structured, often there are references to additional statements that are submitted with the return that are completely unstructured. 

Staff reviewing this data must spend hours locating the references and statements and then typing this data into their loan approval systems. 

PDF Report Miner can return literally thousands of hours of review and data entry work by automating location and export of key return notes and statements into ready-to-use structured data. 

Using sophisticated text analysis, PDF Report Miner can find all of the supplemental notes that are typically printed on the return form and then use that information to find corresponding supplemental data. Define and export key data all within an easy-to-use graphical tool. 

Supplemental financial statements can be located anywhere within tax return documents, making them difficult to export automatically. PDF Report Miner’s AI-based document analysis can quickly locate specific statements and easily transform the information into structured data ready for analysis. Regardless of the structure, PDF Report Miner delivers the data you need, quickly and accurately.