Opait Software Products

Opait PDF Creator is a high performance server-based application that supports production-grade automation to create text PDFs from scanned document images. Opait PDF Creator includes support for conversion of TIFF and other image formats into fully-formatted and searchable PDF documents and includes a GUI for configuration of automated import/export and a .NET interface to enable integration with other applications.

Opait PDF Viewer

Opait Viewer is a lightweight easy-to-use Windows application that can view PDF, Images, Text, and Office Documents.

Easily copy-and-paste text the right way. Most PDF software incorrectly interprets reading order and segmentation of sentences and paragraphs. With Opait Viewer, easily copy and paste correctly formatted text through that is formatted the way you see it and ready to use in text editors without the need to edit.

Opait Viewer supports PDF fillable forms, annotation display, and NLP detection of titles, paragraphs, sentences and keywords to support a range of knowledge worker needs. It even includes a  built-in document summarizer. To enable sharing of documents, it supports saving of documents in PDF and image formats, including rasterized PDF.

Opait Tesseract Studio is a powerful PDF-based application that provides enterprise-grade creation and OCR editing capabilities. Opait Tesseract Studio supports high-volume PDF OCR needs providing the ability to process unattended via watch folders or via an API. As images and image-based PDF files are imported, Opait Tesseract Studio places them into a managed queue and takes care of the conversion process. Once converted, results of OCR can be viewed and edited in a simple, intuitive interface.  

Available as a standalone product Opait Tesseract Studio also supports a plugin API allowing developers to customize the workflow and integrate with third-party applications.

Opait PDF SDK provides a simple interface to embed the Opait PDF composition and viewing functions into any .NET application. Opait PDF SDK is a highly-efficient and lightweight application enabling creation, manipulation, and viewing of PDF, text, images, and MS Office file formats and conversion of PDF into images such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF.

Opait Report Miner is a powerful document parsing application that can automatically locate and extract data to Excel spreadsheets using a simple-to-use GUI. It can even locate and extract complex table data to Excel. Once models are built, you can automate the location and extraction of the most complex documents into structured data.