New! NLP-based Text Location

Opait Report Miner can locate specific clauses or terms within unstructured information and return the specific sentence or paragraph. 

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Convert PDF into Structured Data

The Opait Report Miner product came out of some research the Opait R&D team had performed regarding text processing, NLP and reading order determination in both PDF and scanned documents. Both of these document types suffer from the lack of any constructs like words, phrases, paragraphs and so on. Automatic table detection was also another area of interest. Opait Report Miner was the result and it can be used wherever analytics and data mining require data from unstructured sources. 

Using a simple-to-use GUI, Report Miner can automatically located tabular data anywhere in the document and easily converts PDF documents into Excel files or other structured formats. Even specific values within a table can be identified and converted into Excel.  

Use Advanced NLP To Process PDF Text

Contracts and other text-heavy documents contain important information that is required to perform many business processes including compliance, contract review, and handling transactions. Report Miner includes a capability called “sections” that can automatically locate specific terms and phrases within unstructured documents and extract them to a database or structured file such as Excel. 

PDF into Excel data in 5 Minutes

Advanced PDF parsing powers your data needs – no advanced skills required. Easily locate any type of data including complex tables and convert into easy-to-use rows and columns.

Auto Location

Automatically detects tables, columns, column headers, and data types. No programming.

Instant Metadata

Automatically tag documents with titles, summaries, and key file data.

Advanced Text Parsing

Extracts text with the highest precision including hard to process right-to-left languages.

Report Writing

Create logical records from multi-page PDF files for instant reports.