Opait Tesseract Studio - Powerful PDF OCR

Enhance the already powerful OCR capabilities in Tesseract with an easy-to-use User Interface that provides high-throughput OCR processing and comprehensive editing capabilities. 

Opait Tesseract Studio takes Tesseract 4.0 and adds to it the ability to view and edit OCR text in a simple and intuitive way. Easily convert TIFF and image-only PDF documents into fully-searchable, high fidelity PDF documents with throughput 2x faster than the base Tesseract application. 

Opait Tesseract Studio supports high-volume PDF OCR needs providing the ability to process unattended via watch folders or via an API. As images and image-based PDF files are imported, Opait Tesseract Studio places them into a managed queue and takes care of the conversion process. During this process, Tesseract Studio Professional ensures that text attributes such as fonts and font sizes are preserved.

Once converted, results of OCR can be viewed and edited in a simple, intuitive interface that allows the user to view the image only, text only, or a unique combination that allows quick identification of errors.

View Image and OCR Results Simultaneously
Edit, Split, and Move Text

Key Features

  • Supports image and multipage PDF files, with or without prior OCR data.
  • Run or re-run the Tesseract OCR process on any page.
  • Preserve existing visible text on a PDF page while performing OCR on image elements only.
  • Identify and display OCR text at the word level with detected word boundaries visible.
  • Display PDF pages in the following modes: Image with OCR text hidden OCR text visible and image hidden OCR text visible on faded image
  • Use any installed font to display OCR text. Fonts are automatically scaled to fit word boundaries.
  • Editing Capabilities: Click on a visible word to open a text editor to correct OCR mistakes. Split a selected word at the current cursor position into two words, or merge the selected word with the next word. Modify or move word boundaries. Create new OCR words, delete existing words.
  • Supports any number of Undo and Redo operations.
  • Save corrections as a new PDF document or to the same searchable PDF file.

With Opait Tesseract Studio, you get powerful searchable PDF creation and editing capabilities.

Opait Tesseract Studio is available as a full-featured professional version and as a freeware version.