Enterprise PDF Creation

Reliably convert documents and images into searchable PDF at high volumes.

Opait PDF Creator, is a high performance server-based application that supports production-grade automation to create text PDFs from scanned document images. Opait PDF Creator includes support for conversion of TIFF and other image formats into fully-formatted and searchable PDF documents and includes a GUI for configuration of automated import/export and a .NET interface to enable integration with other applications.

Key Features

  • Easy to use. Simply create a project file and let it run unattended.
  • Each project can have multiple jobs, watching different folders.
  • Multiple instances can watch the same folder for a highly scaleable solution.
  • Can process any type of images, including multi-page TIFF and image-based PDF files.
  • Uses Tesseract 4.0 in a multi-threading, multi-tasking environment for maximum throughput.

With Opait Tesseract Studio, you get powerful searchable PDF creation and editing capabilities.

Once configured, Opait PDF Creator can monitor one or more file share locations and automatically import, convert and export high-quality searchable PDF documents. You can even specify the types of files to import by using filters that are based upon the file name or type. For export, you can use macros to automatically group documents by date or job into sub-folders.

For applications that require higher levels of integration or automation, Opait PDF Creator supports a .NET API and a plug-in interface that can control and monitor the workflow and validate or route the processed documents to other applications.

For organizations that require reliable, high-volume conversion of images into searchable PDF documents, Opait PDF Creator is the solution.