Financial Report Mining

Getting information out of PDF reports into usable and structured data is a challenge. Even copying text to another document often does not preserve formatting. 

If your organization needs to process financial report data trapped within PDF documents, PDF Report Miner can free your team from the time and effort typically required, placing all the data you need into structured rows and columns; automatically. 

PDF Report Miner automatically locates table-oriented data placed anywhere within a document. No matter the number of columns or length, key attributes are analyzed to allow automated transformation of financial data into structured information. 

Extract data from the entire table or only portions of it such as specific expenditures on sales located in the earnings statement or receivables from the cash flow statement. Whatever specific data you require, PDF Report Miner can deliver it. 

Many times, additional information from reports are required beyond financial data. Examples include footnotes and other non-numeric information that is critical to a complete analysis. 

PDF Report Miner enables automatic parsing of information to easily locate unstructured information and extract it as part of a structured report. No matter where the information is located, your organization gains quick, automated access.