Bill and Statement Mining

Organizations of all sizes generate and receive documents that involve processes such as billing or to publish customer statements. Even though these reports can be static in nature, stored in PDF formats, they have a lot of important information that can be reused for data mining to uncover new insights. 

The challenge is that these reports are difficult to parse and transform into usable structured data without a lot of time and expense. 

PDF Report Miner provides a powerful yet easy-to-use platform to automatically  transform your static PDF reports into actionable data.

Regardless of the format, PDF Report Miner enables you to easily locate and export information as structured data. Even information that is unstructured in nature, such as paragraphs or footnotes can be located and used. PDF Report Miner’s advanced text analysis and parsing ensures precision with exporting data with formatting intact. 

Easily separate large reports into individual extracts using unstructured labels. Locate and extract table data regardless of location within the document or the complexity of the table structure.