About our Technology

We love PDF! PDF files are everywhere and for good reason: they are easy to create and share.

Our mission is to make PDF files even more useful for more-complex needs and do it in a way that will delight our users. Yes, we said D-E-L-I-G-H-T!

What Makes PDF So Complex?

The PDF file format is a universal document standard used in the majority of business transactions, yet use of them for anything beyond printing and viewing still represents a significant challenge. Why?

Unlike text-based documents or those that are created from word processors, the structure of PDF files do not lend themselves to the same easy parsing. With Word or RTF documents, most of the data is labeled which allows simple identification of characters, words, paragraphs, tables and other data structures. This means locating and working with data stored within these file types is straightforward.

PDF files, on the other hand, even though they are used in the majority of document-based transactions, were designed for printing and viewing fidelity with the objective of having the perfect marriage of digital and print. This objective left-out many of the elements that are critical for use of PDFs as a data-friendly format. The result is that it is difficult to parse these files to locate proper sentence and paragraph order, separate words in order to locate specific data, and to identify presence of table data.

Even simple copy-paste of text remains a challenge and has less-than-stellar support among a variety of PDF products, Adobe included. This means that the ability to properly extract text data is problematic; and if you need to process languages that are reverse order as many in the Middle East are, you are most-likely out of luck.

The Good News

Opait Software brings a new level of processing capabilities for PDF. Whether you are a developer needing to add support for the PDF file format or an enterprise that wishes to faithfully extract text of all types for enterprise information management needs, Opait Software PDF products enable simple, exact support.