Thank you for choosing Opait's "Nifty Barcoder", the only barcode generator and decoder you need!

From this page you can download the latest desktop version of Opait Barcoder and install it on your computer. Opait Barcoder is available in 64-bit and 32-bit editions and is packaged as a single Windows MSI installation file for each platform.

The following components will be installed:

Opait Barcoder (64 bit)
Version number:
Setup file name:
Download size:
5.93 MB
Opait Barcoder (32 bit)
Version number:
Setup file name:
Download size:
5.92 MB

Note: you can only install one version of Opait Barcoder (32-bit or 64-bit) on your computer. Normally, you would want to match the version of your Windows operating system. However, the 32-bit version will still run on the 64-bit Windows and both versions include class libraries and API that can target all platforms (x86, x64 and AnyCPU).


A license file is required to use the Barcoder programs or the API functions. In the absence of a valid license file, Opait Barcoder will automatically create a trial license with an expiration date for evaluation purposes.

If you have received a user or development license, you must make it available to all programs that use the Barcoder functions. This includes the programs that are installed using the downloaded setup file, as well as, programs that you create with your development license.

After you have installed the desktop version, run one of the included Windows programs (Barcode Decoder or Barcoder Client). You will be prompted for a license file:

Note to Developers:
Any custom program that uses Barcoder functions will require validation with your developer license. The simplest way to satisfy this requirement is as follows:

  1. Add you developer license file (Barcoder.lic) to your application resources.
  2. Call the function below to authenticate the license before any other API calls.

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